Types and Usage Areas of Automatic Blinds

Automatic blind systems are high-tech products used in houses and workplaces. It can be opened and closed easily thanks to its motorized structure. With its aesthetic texture, it has a complementary effect on the stylish appearance of your home or workplace.

Automatic blinds are used in residential areas such as villas, apartments, summer houses, mansions, as well as in business campuses such as business centers, offices and shopping malls. Blind systems, which offer a safe environment against theft, also have heat and sound insulation properties. It is effective against natural events such as sunlight, rain, snow and storm.

The most preferred raw material in the production of automatic blind systems is aluminum. The automatic pressed aluminum louver, which delivers a stylish appearance, is also suitable for use in homes and workplaces with its light structure.

Automatic blind systems have remote control, switch-key or push-button alternatives. All these systems offer homeowners a comfortable and convenient use. If you wish, you can program your blinds to close automatically during the peak hours of the sun and open them when you want to receive sunlight.

Automatic blinds are products which brings security and deterrence against theft. Depending on the preferences of the customers, an extra security is provided by adding a secret lock system.

Automatic Polyurethane Filled Aluminum Blinds

Polyurethane is a material which provides sound and heat insulation and optionally used in shutter systems. Polyurethane aluminum louver, which provides extra insulation against hot or cold weather, also prevents the penetration of noise.

Polyurethane aluminum shutter systems make a significant contribution to the household budget thanks to their superior insulation properties. It not only reduces heating costs in winter, but also saves electricity consumed by air conditioners in summer.

Automatic blinds prices

Automatic blinds have a price range according to the width of the area, the quality of the preferred materials and the additional features desired. After free exploration by our expert team, you can choose the most ideal blinds system for your home or workplace.

Color preference in automatic blinds systems is entirely up to you. It is painted with electrostatic powder oven paint in a color that is compatible with the exterior of your house, which you choose from the RAL code.