Who are we?

KCC Automatic Shutter serves with its team of experts in the production and assembly of shutter systems for 30 years. We offer to our valued customers best quality products with free discovery service, afforable prices, on time delivery guarantee.

KCC Automatic Shutter Systems introduces Automatic Shutter technologies to its customers in safe and economical ways and make their lifes easier with marvelous designed products.

As KCC automatic shutter systems, we get your requests and choose the most suitable creative solutions for your establishment. KCC Automatic Shutter Systems, has many completed project references in Shopping Centers, Government Institutions, Airports, Exchange Offices, Banks, Workplaces, Markets, Public transportation facilities and Cultural Centers.

As KCC Automatic Shutter, our first priority is customer satisfaction. We give guarantee and service assurance in all our products.

We have been providing to our customers hassle-free solutions for years with the warranty and after-sales support of the products we produce with high technology. We are just a phone call away for free discovery.

Our mission

Our goal with all our production and service activities is to offer the best quality product at the most affordable price at the desired time. We aim to be the most preferred brand in the shutter industry by providing customer satisfaction and continuity with pre-sales and after-sales technical support.

Our vision

To penetrate the international market with renewed products that have been developed by our R&D studies.

Our values

  • To be innovative,
  • To make the quality permanent,
  • To maintain customer satisfaction,
  • To work with business ethics
  • To carry out our business activities within the framework of the principles of honesty and openness,
  • To ensure the occupational safety of our employees and being environment friendly.