Why Should I Prefer Automatic Shutter Systems?

Automatic shutter systems provide countless benefits for establishments. Automatic shutters are preferred by business owners in many commercial areas for their advantages such as comfortable use, security, and stylish appearance..

The old model shutters made of iron were opened and closed manually. While they had handicaps in terms of security, they were insufficient on heat and sound insulation. Automatic shutter systems reversed all these problems of old model shutters. They offer a comfortable, safe and comfortable shutter experience to business owners.

Opening and closing of industrial automatic shutters is carried out easily by automatic shutter switchs and silently working powerful motors. The motorized shutters are designed to be used for many years without any problems and resistant to being opened and closed repeatedly. The electric shutter can also be opened and closed by a button or switch, in addition to the shutter control. They also come with manual operation feature for power cut situations.

Industrial automatic shutter systems offer an aesthetic appearance as they are produced from raw materials such as steel, aluminum and galvanization. They have an integrative effect, especially with the stylish appearance they add to stores and offices. In line with the preference of the companies, the shutters are painted in any color that is suitable for their corporate identity.

All types of industrial shutters provide high-level security. The strong resistance provided by steel and aluminum protect against theft and is resistant to explosive and flammable materials.

Automatic shutters also offer great thermal insulation. They keep the humidity inside while preventing hot or cold weather from outside.

Polyurethane and double-walled shutter

For those who demand a stronger shutter system in terms of thermal insulation, especially in the food industry, polyurethane shutter and double-walled shutters are great alternatives. Automatic polyurethane steel shutter or automatic polyurethane aluminum shutter systems are especially preferred in the food industry with the strong heat insulation they offer. These products, which also have sound insulation features, are safer than other automatic shutter options.

The automatic double-walled shutter prevents the penetration of hot or cold climate conditions outside with its galvanized stone wool filling. Doors consisting of shutter panels furnished with rock wool with a density of 40 kg/m³ are the best alternative products for shutters filled with polyurethane.

Fire resistant shutter

Fire-resistant shutter systems which are recommended for fire-hazardous structures provide a great advantage in evacuations by providing a safety barrier between the place where the flames start and the area that needs to be protected. Thanks to their heat-sensitive systems, they automatically switch on in case of fire and prevent the fire from spreading for 181 minutes.

Automatic shutter prices vary according to the material used, the width of the area to be applied and the desired automation features. You can choose the most suitable automatic shutter for your budget after the free discovery made by our expert team.