How to Choose Automatic Garage Door?

The automatic garage door is a system that protects vehicles from external factors and offers great advantages to its owners. Thanks to technological innovations, automatic garage door systems now offer users a more comfortable and convenient experience.

Automatic garage door systems provide security for vehicles and protection from external factors. With its strong structure, it keeps the effects of flammable and explosive materials out of the garage and prevents your vehicle from being damaged. In addition, it also protects vehicles against natural events such as sunlight, rain, snow, strong wind and storm.

Types of automatic garage doors

Automatic garage door types differ from each other by their different working principles. All varieties have special systems that aim to use the space inside and outside of the garage in the most efficient way. You can choose your automatic garage door by considering the functional and visual advantages of these systems.

Automatic garage door types are as follows: sectional garage door, roller garage door, solid garage door, side-opening sectional garage door, aluminum framed garage door, and circular moving garage door.

Automatic garage door is also divided into two according to the raw material it is produced: automatic aluminum garage door and automatic steel garage door.

If you have a house or office with floor-to-ceiling windows, you may prefer an aluminum framed garage door. Thus, your garage door provides an integral effect to the appearance of your building.

The automatic garage door controller is a device that allows the garage door to be opened and closed without getting out of the vehicle. Thanks to this device, you can enter your garage or get your vehicle out of your garage without wasting time.

The motor types used in automatic garage door systems are selected by our expert team according to the using frequency and the size of the garage door. These high-capacity motors operate very quietly.

Polyurethane aluminum garage door

Polyurethane aluminum garage door provides stronger protection than other products. In addition to theft, it is more effective against natural events than other types. It has a sleek and slim appearance.

Automatic garage door prices vary according to the features of the product. Factors such as the material, the size of the garage and the width of the door also determine the price. You can get an offer after the free discovery made by our expert team.