Types of Automatic Shutter Systems

Automatic shutter systems are products applied to houses and workplaces which bring many great advantages. In the past, shutters were primivite devices whiche were opened and closed manually. After motorized shutter technology has been developed, it started to offer user-friendly products that provide great benefits to consumers.

Automatic shutter systems are mostly used in commercial enterprises such as workplaces, shops, malls and warehouses. Automatic shutters are very effective against theft and similar security problems. They also offer solutions against sound, heat and humidity problems. Thanks to automatic shutter systems, you prevent the products in your store from being affected by the humidity and hot or cold weather.

Automatic shutter systems offer a wide variety of options for store owners. Today, manual shutters are still available but options such as controlled shutters, electric shutters, motorized shutters are more preferred. These types of shutters, which open and close in a very short time provide great convenience to the store owners.

What are the types of automatic shutters?

Automatic shutter types vary according to the material they are produced and the purpose of use. All automatic shutters have motors that enable the shutter to be opened and closed automatically. The power capacity of the engine is chosen by the experts considering the dimension of the shutter and other needs. These are quiet and high-capacity motors which are suitable for use for many years.

All automatic shutter systems are painted with oven paint. You can choose your shutter color from RAL code colors.

Automatic steel shutter systems

These shutters made of steel are designed for all architectural solutions. They are produced from galvanized steel, micro-perforated, windowed steel, polyurethane-filled steel profiles. There is also a windowed type profile option. With this option, you can safely display your products in the showcase even your store is closed.

Double-walled shutter is a special type of shutter that provides heat and sound insulation. Double-walled shutters are preferred in special areas where heat insulation and sound insulation is required and cold storage rooms. Through they are filled with stone wool, they have a high insulation value.

Polyurethane steel shutters have also heat and sound insulation feature. They have a complementary feature in the exterior designs of workplaces with their aesthetic and slim appearance.

Automatic aluminum shutter systems

Aluminum shutters are produced by aluminum extrusion method. They offer resistant to explosive and flammable materials. Their elegant appearance match with the designs of the stores.

Polyurethane aluminum shutter is a reinforced shutter model with heat and sound insulation.

Automatic shutter prices

Automatic shutter prices depend on the material of the requested product, shutter dimensions and other technical features. After the free discovery by our employees, the price offer prepared by our expert team will be shared with you.

As KCC Yapı Automatic Shutter Systems, we produce all automatic shutter models in our factory and offer them to our customers. With more than 30 years of experience, we manufacture and assemble our specially designed products, in line with all your needs and demands.