Automatic Double-Walled Shutter System

Automatic shutter systems differ according to the types of materials they are produced. In general all types of shutters provide protection and insulation from external factors. But automatic shutters produced from some materials are more effective than others.

With the high heat and sound insulation they provide automatic double-walled shutter systems are ideal products for establishments that need more protection. Automatic double-walled shutter system is preferred in buildings where the interiour heat needs to be protected, such as food facilities and cold storages.

Automatic double-walled shutters consist of panels laid with rock wool. Stone wool filling with a density of 40 kg/m3 is one of the most preferred products in the industrial field for insulation.

Automatic double-walled shutter is an economical alternative to insulating polyurethane filled shutters.

Advantages of automatic double wall shutter systems

Double-walled shutter systems prevent the penetration of hot weather in the summer months and protect the humidity inside. In the winter period, it reduces the effects of the cold temperature outside of the building. You can reduce energy costs by using a double-walled shutter system in your workplace.

The double-walled shutter also provides sound insulation. When applied in workplaces in a noisy environment, it prevents the sound from entering the building, and on the contrary, it ensures that the intense sound in the workplace does not go out.

Being resistant to fire is another important reason why double-walled shutter systems are preferred. It keeps flames and fumes out and prevents them from entering the building.

The double-walled shutter opens and closes with a shutter control. In addition to the automatic shutter switch, it can also be used with a button according to the user's preference. It also can be controlled manually in case of power cut.

The safety photocell feature provides extra security to double-walled shutter systems. If an object is detected under the door, the shutter stops automatically.

Double-walled shutter systems can be painted any color you desire. They are guaranteed for two years against assembly and production problems for two years.