Features of Fire Resistant Shutter

Fire resistant shutter is a type of automatic shutter system developed for areas where there is a risk of fire and where fire protection is needed. It protects your life and property safety by creating a safety barrier between the center of the fire and the area to be protected.

The heat sensitive fire automation on the fire resistant shutter is activated when the ambient temperature rises and the shutter closes automatically. Thus, the spread of fire and smoke is prevented in the most critical minutes when the fire starts to grow. The fire shutter, which is integrated with the alarm system, provides security by preventing the spread of fire for 181 minutes.

Fire-resistant shutter systems, which have options such as shutters, rolling shutters, pickets, offer a comfortable and safe use. They also offer protection against explosive and flammable materials. Unlike other automatic shutter systems, no paint is applied to fire resistant shutters.

Fire resistant shutters are not suitable for daily use. Weight and fire-reinforced structure of the doors prevent them from being used as easily as other shutters. It is not recommended to open and close the fire shutter frequently during the day.

Fire shutters are also effective for unusual situations such as raids and terrorist attacks. Fire shutter systems are preffered in buildings with high security needs.

Fire resistant rolling shutters, like other fire resistant shutters, provide high security against fire in your workplace or residence.

Fire resistant door

Fire resistant door is a product produced from steel in order to prevent fire hazard and to prevent the growth of fire and smoke. Fire resistant doors have special panic bars to close automatically and resist fire for 60 minutes. Fire resistant window and fire resistant spiral door also provide protection in case of fire and prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

As KCC Yapı, all of our fire resistant products have been tested and certified by UKAS accredited test laboratories according to the STN EN 1634-1/AC: 2007 test method. Our fire resistant shutters are in the E180-CO / EW 15-CO class according to fire resistance tests and have been documented to provide protection for 181 minutes.