How to Choose the Most Efective Automatic Shutter?

Automatic shutter systems come up with a wide range of options with the developing technology in recent years. Automatic shutter systems, which have different types for different needs, provide convenient usage advantages to store and warehouse owners.

If you want to renew the shutter system of your workplace, but do not know where to start to search, you can have all information you need by reading this article.

Safety is one of the many advantages of automatic shutter systems. Automatic shutter systems are resistant to the effects of combustion, explosive materials, natural disasters and theft. They also offer effective solutions for heat and sound insulation.

Polyurethane and double-walled shutters are ahead of other options when it comes to heat and sound insulation. These products, which are especially used in cold storages, prevent heat loss by keeping the heat inside. Polyurethane automatic shutters and double-walled shutters also have advantages in terms of security. If you need extra insulation, you can choose one of these two products.

Motorized shutter and shutter control

Motorized shutter is a term to describe all automatic shutters. All automatic shutters open and close with the power it receives from the motor it is connected to. For this reason, the engine is one of the most important parts of the system.

Engine selection should be made by the experts. It is made by evaluating factors such as the materials which shutter manufactured and the usage frequency of the shutter.

The shutter control is the device that performs the opening and closing of the shutter. This product, also known as an automatic door switch, brings many conveniences to the consumers.

Automatic shutter with elegant appearance

Aesthetics is an important issue that worries store owners when choosing automatic shutters. Although it may seem difficult to find a shutter that fits the store's design and corporate identity, you can choose the right shutter with the support provided by our expert team.

Automatic shutters are painted to the color of your choice with oven paint before they reach you. You can choose the color from RAL code colors.

We recommend shop owners with aesthetic concerns to purchase aluminum automatic shutters. Aluminum, which provides a more elegant and thin appearance, also gives more effective results in terms of security.

Second Hand Automatic Shutter

Although it may seem economically attractive to buy second-hand automatic shutters, there are some points to be considered. Since the automatic shutter’s dimensions will not fit to your store, it will need to be applied an extra process. In addition, we recommend you to be careful about deterioration due to use.