Where to Use Automatic Shutter Systems?

Automatic shutters have two types according to the material they are produced: automatic steel shutter systems and automatic aluminum shutter systems. In this article, we will talk about the features and usage areas of these two products.

Automatic steel shutters

Automatic steel shutter systems are mostly used in commercial structures such as stores and warehouses. Steel shutters made of galvanized and stainless steel have a remote control rolling code feature. Optionally, it can contain switch-key and push-button systems. It provides protection against theft attempts, flammable and explosive materials. It protects the humidity and heat inside, and is resistant to rain and other natural factors.

Automatic steel shutter has a wide range of utilization. Stores, banks, workplaces, warehouses, public transportation facilities, restaurants, cultural centers, markets and shopping malls are among the areas where steel shutter usage is common. With its stylish appearance and easy use, automatic steel shutter systems offer a safe look for establishments. They can be painted in any desired color.

Automatic double-walled shutter

Automatic double-walled shutter systems are preferred in business lines where security and insulation are priorities. Double-walled shutters are developed for special areas that require thermal and sound insulation like cold storage rooms. They are laid with rock wool with a density of 40 kg/m³. Thus, humidity,  low or high temperature and noise are kept out and the interior of the store.

Stone wool filling, which is one of the most preferred materials for insulation, has a higher heat and sound insulation value than steel polyurethane filling.

Automatic aluminum shutter

Automatic aluminum shutter systems are preferred because of their light and stylish apperances. Aluminum shutter, which is also preferred in residential projects as well as commercial use, offers a comfortable use for many years.

Aluminum shutters are preferred for a more elegant appearance in areas where automatic steel shutter systems are also used, such as stores, banks, shopping malls, restaurants, cultural centers, markets.

While the aluminum shutter provides protection against flammable and explosive materials, it is also extremely safe against theft. It is painted in the desired color before delivery and creates integrity with the corporate image of the stores.

Automatic Polyurethane Aluminum Shutter

For those who want heat and sound insulation and do not want to give up on the elegance and comfort of aluminum, automatic polyurethane aluminum shutter is a remarkable option. Exterior noise and weather conditions stay outside with the insulation provided by the polyurethane.

Polyurethane aluminum shutters are generally preferred in the food industry with cold storage depot. Businesses that need sound insulation also prefer polyurethane aluminum shutter systems.

All automatic shutter systems can be controlled by the devices called shutter control. Also known as automatic shutter switch, this device offers a comfortable use to shutter owners.

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